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SoftwarePassport for 32bit & 64bit Windows Environments Current Version: v9.62
Release Date: 07.June.2013
for 32bit & 64bit Windows Environments

SoftwarePassport technology expands your global sales capabilities while providing maximum protection for your digital assets. You can globalize marketing features of SoftwarePassport by customizing the language strings to any language. It contains powerful features such as flexible server-based licensing and activation, trialware distribution and marketing, in-application purchasing and sophisticated country based licensing to name just a few. Altogether, they enable software publishers like you to grow revenue by:

  • Exposing your Windows applications to rapidly expanding global markets
  • Identifying who is buying and using your applications
  • Maximizing the lifetime value of your buyers whether they are consumers, small to mid-size businesses or enterprises software companies
  • Attracting new customers in lucrative and untapped markets while protecting your application from piracy

SoftwarePassport supports many business models and distribution methods:

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SoftwarePassport for Windows Environments
Windows 32bit Windows 64bit Windows Bundle Corporate Edition
Multiple Business Models
Armadillo* Theft Prevention Engine
Global Marketing Tools
SoftwarePassport Standard User Interface
Protect 32-bit Programs
Protect 64-bit Programs
Language Strings for Global marketing
Ten Seat License Included
*Armadillo is SoftwarePassport's Digital Rights Management and Theft Prevention Engine that is actively maintained and enhanced by Digital River.