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SoftwarePassport and the Armadillo Engine
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Current Version: v9.62
Release Date: 07.June.2013

SoftwarePassport allows you to create and add a complete software protection solution in five minutes or less. This solution includes sophisticated security features, a registration-key process for licensing, and proven built-in marketing techniques. It works with and wraps any programming language that produces a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows EXE, SCR, DLL, or OCX file. Although .NET applications are not directly supported, we have proven methods for working with .NET binaries.

We have been protecting software applications since 1998. Our development team has combined software protection development experience of more than 40 years. This knowledgeable and experienced development team is dedicated to protecting your software from piracy. Why have your development team waste time and effort trying to keep up with system hackers and software crackers when we'll do that for them? Your development team should be focusing on new features and functionality to grow your business.

SoftwarePassport uses the proven Armadillo technology. This technology wraps your program in a proactive armored shell, defending your application from software pirates and program crackers. The Armadillo Engine contains state-of-the-art encryption, data compression and many other security features.

The Armadillo engine defends against a wide variety of attacks, including:

  • Memory dumping. This is one of the most challenging cracking methods to defend against, so Armadillo has a lot of options for it, as well as the standard defenses.
  • Viewing assembly language instructions, in both ring-three debuggers and the more powerful ring-zero debuggers.
  • "Patching" the program, on disk or in memory, to bypass time, usage, or feature limitations.
  • Disassembling the loader to find new ways to attack it.
  • Erasing stored information to bypass time or usage limitations.
  • Using a backup/restore program to bypass time or usage limitations.
  • Turning the system clock backwards, or setting it forwards to the far future, to bypass time limitations.
  • Using a "hook" to take over Windows API functions, to fool the program into doing something it shouldn’t (such as allowing access to features the user isn’t supposed to have access to).
  • Creating key generators to fool the program into thinking that it was purchased when it wasn't.
And this is just a partial list of what viruses and hacks that Software Passport will protect your software products from. There are a number of other defenses as well. For a complete list please refer to the Security Features section of the Help file.

In addition to protecting your software, the engine offers very flexible licensing features. You can provide your customers with a single executable file that contains all of the features of your program, but only enable the ones that they've purchased. You can lock your program to a specific machine to prevent people from buying a single license and distributing it without proper authorization. You can license a certain number of instances of the program on a peer-to-peer or a client/server network.

Proven built-in marketing techniques include Subscription based usage, Try Before You Buy, Buy Before You Try, limited usage, multi-level usage and protection of paid programs. You can provide a fully functional program while disabling certain features (or the entire program) after a period of time or a number of uses, and re-enable them (after purchase, of course) using a software key. We provide key systems of varying lengths, from the very short (sixteen-character keys) to the ultimate in unforgivable strength (presently sixty characters in length, using Elliptic Curve Cryptography).

Every message that can be displayed to an end-user is completely customizable. You can easily alter individual message strings into multiple versions and group the individual versions into single or multiple sets of message string packages (files). These packages allow you to create a user interface that addresses your unique audience and software material.

SoftwarePassport, and the Armadillo engine behind it, provides a robust protection and licensing system for your windows software application. We provide a full functioning free trial version, so download it today and see how it works. We know we can meet the needs of your business.

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