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Silicon Realms Toolworks was founded in 1991 as a publisher of custom software. In 1997 the company released Silicon Realms MultiDesk, its first public title. Silicon Realms MultiDesk was cracked twice during the first week after launch. This pointed out a growing need in the marketplace to protect software from crackers. In response to this need, Silicon Realms developed the Armadillo Software Protection System, releasing it in January of 1998.

Digital River acquired Silicon Realms in 2003. After the acquisition the Armadillo DRM application was enhanced and the name changed to SoftwarePassport. The features include flexible server-based licensing and activation, trialware distribution and marketing, in-application purchasing and sophisticated country based licensing and activation.

SoftwarePassport has grown to become a global leader in DRM solutions. The tool enables software developers to quickly and easily grow revenue both in the US and internationally.

About Digital River Inc.

Silicon Realms Toolworks is a part of the Digital River family of companies - a group of e-commerce and e-marketing experts committed to providing companies big and small with everything they need to successfully build, manage and grow profitable online businesses on a worldwide basis. Some of the world's leading multi-national companies use Digital River's portfolio of comprehensive e-commerce technology, tools and services to drive online results for the internet's biggest brands. Founded in 1994, Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV) is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices located across the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific. For more information about Digital River and our family of companies, visit

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